Commercial insurance

We insure business clients across a broad range of industries and sectors. Each has unique and complex insurance requirements. So, we understand that your business is like no other. We understand that your needs, priorities and objectives may be completely different than those of another company with a similar business model or even a direct competitor. We understand that when it comes to Commercial Insurance, one size never fits all. That’s why Synergy Insurance offers a full spectrum of commercial insurance products, including property, casualty, auto, excess liability, crime and many other lines of coverage that can be custom tailored to fit your specific business operations.


Your business could be at risk of being sued by clients, customers and other parties who may have incurred harm, damages or losses as a result of the professional advice, expertise or services you deliver. Professional Liability insurance protects your company’s assets against claims that may arise from an act of professional negligence by your employees or from any errors and omissions in the professional advice your company provides. Synergy Insurance can develop a comprehensive Professional Liability insurance plan that is tailored to your profession or business specialty.


Synergy Insurance provides comprehensive solutions for successful individuals and their families. We specialize in serving high net worth clients who require customized insurance coverage for high value assets, such as homes, automobiles, private aircraft, jewelry and fine art. Whether you have one home or several, one classic automobile or an entire collection, we ensure that all of your assets are properly protected. We manage your risks, so you can focus on enjoying your life.


A surety bond is a three-party agreement that legally binds together a principal who needs a bond, an obligee who must provide the bond and a surety company that sells and guarantees the bond. A surety bond guarantees that the principal will act and perform within certain laws or according to a contractual agreement. If the principal fails to perform, the bond will cover any resulting damages or losses. Synergy Insurance provides all types of surety bonds, including license and permit, payment and performance, court and commercial bonds.


Health insurance is a complicated and expensive benefit that many of our clients provide for their employees. We help our clients evaluate and select the optimal insurance plan that is cost effective, yet also meets their employees’ real healthcare needs. We also help individual employees understand and make the most of their insurance plan benefits.


We always strive to deliver comprehensive risk management solutions that provide long-term security and extraordinary value for your insurance investment. We also work hard to ensure that the confidence you have invested in us pays regular and healthy dividends, as well. Our clients are important to us. We always seek to build strong, lasting relationships based on superior service that earns your trust. We are available. We are responsive. And we never stop searching for new and better ways to protect you, your business and your trust.