Every business requires a broad range of insurance to protect its assets and mitigate specific or even unique risks. But properly insuring a business can be complicated and costly. As a result, many businesses are either underinsured or forced to self-insure when appropriate coverage is unavailable or prohibitively expensive. The financial, legal and personal consequences of not being properly insured can be catastrophic. How will your business find the balance of coverage and costs?


Synergy Insurance delivers comprehensive strategies and best-in-class products that fulfill all of your insurance needs. We work with trusted major and specialty underwriters to maximize your coverage, minimize your exposure and optimize the value of every premium payment. We are personally invested in protecting your business and retaining your business. Finding the ideal balance of coverage and costs is how we serve our clients and why we keep our clients


Synergy Insurance can combine your commercial insurance with a captive insurance company to provide significant benefits. Our ideal customer is a small to medium size company with gross revenues of more than ten million dollars. We have the expertise in developing separate profit lines in particular industries. Ask us how this commercial/captive synergy can empower you to:
• Optimize insurance coverage
• Reduce insurance costs
• New profit line